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Ask about Aruba 2012 - EDDT-Sebi - 06-30-2012

So, i see news about Aruba 2012 Simmarket. But i buy scenery "ABC Islands" Tropicalsim (2010). Can buy a upgrade for Aruba 2012??


Re: Ask about Aruba 2012 - TropicalSim - 06-30-2012


The discounted upgrade price is for the users who purchased the airport single of Aruba. Unfortunately there is no discount for users who purchased bundles, as bundles are already a discounted product.

That way users who purchased Aruba single for the full price will have a discount now on the update. People who purchased Aruba previously within a bundle, had a discount on the first purchase, so the user has already got his discount on the first purchase instead of the second.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado