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Reg. Azores Scenery - Jens Peter - 08-24-2012

Hej TropicalSim

First many thanks for you very nice creation of the Azores  Wink

One question. Will you make LPHR Horta Airport on Faial, I cross my fingers, because it's one of the most important AP's out there with a long nice RWY.  8)

Take Care

Re: Reg. Azores Scenery - TropicalSim - 08-25-2012

Hi Jens,

Yes, all three remaining Azorean airports will also be done. We hope to end 2012 with the full 9 islands completed.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

Re: Reg. Azores Scenery - Jens Peter - 08-25-2012

Thanks Leandro, That is VERY good news  ;D

Take Care