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SBGL FS2004 release date???

Waiting SBGL  for fs2004......AirdailyX ( Mason ) post and inminent release.....When??


Hi John,

It was all ready and done, but we decided to model the "Linha Vermelha" as the VTP bridges made with resample coding does not appear above photo realistic terrain, so at the last minute we had to make this loooooong bridge.

If we had not done this, it would look very very wierd as the "Ilha do Governador" where the airport is located would look stranded, without any roads leading to it.

It also took some extra time due to the way FS2004 handles autogen exclusion due to objetcts bounding boxes, we had to divide several sections of the airport into smaller pieces so the autogen shows up like in the FSX version.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Hello everyone,

FS9 version of SBGL 2012 has been sent to simmarket, should be live sometime tomorrow. A new FSX version installer has also been made as we had further enhanced the scenery as well as ironed out some bugs. It will be available in your simmarket account, remember to uninstall previous FSX version as the updated installer is complete.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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