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Azores: Lajes/LPLA FSX Version Released
Hello guys,

So we have finished the FSX version of Lajes Airport and it has been released at simmarket (

Users who purchase the current Lajes on sale for FSX will as usual, receive the FS9 version upon it's release.

We have not made the Azores #3 pack available yet, as we need to finish the VTP/LWM terrain work on the Terceira Island, that will later complement the FSX version and also be part of the FS9 version. A new installer build will be available for FSX as well as a brand new installer for FS9.

We don't believe there will be any showing, but if any serious bugs show up we will release a hotfix on this forum until the new FSX installer is compiled fully updated.

So we are almost 100% done on the Project Azores, with a few things still needed. Here is what will be released:
LPLA Lajes FSX/P3D: Released (will be updated with Terceira island VTP work)
LPLA Lajes FS9: To be released within a week
Azores #3 FS9/FSX/P3D: To be released within a week (features Graciosa, Horta and Lajes)
The Azores FS9/FSX/P3D: To be released within a month (All 9 airports in one pack). This one will take a little longer to be released as there are buildings that was under construction at Pico airport that we will now be making in their final form. This also means, Pico airport single, and Azores #1 will both be updated with the new buildings.

[Image: lpla_fsx_0.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_1.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_2.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_3.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_4.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_5.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_6.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_7.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_8.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_9.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_10.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_11.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_12.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_13.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_14.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_15.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_16.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_17.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_18.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_19.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_20.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_21.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_22.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_23.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_24.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_25.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_26.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_27.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_28.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_29.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_30.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_31.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_32.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_33.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_34.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_35.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_36.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_37.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_38.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_39.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_40.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_41.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_42.jpg]

[Image: lpla_fsx_43.jpg]

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