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Azores: Lajes/LPLA FSX Version Released
Hello Tropicalsim...
This is my first post at the forum, i´ve been waiting for three days for the 2nd e-mail confirming my registration approval, but it never came so i tried to login and here I am.
First let me congratulate you for the fine sceneries you develop and for choosing to cover Portugal which lacks quality scenery add-ons, especially the wonderful islands of Azores.
I´ve been waiting for two years to purchase one of your Azores sceneries, since I decided to wait for the full pack. Now that all 9 islands are covered, and more than a month as already passed, when will you release the full pack?

Best regards and wishes,


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Re: Azores: Lajes/LPLA FSX Version Released - by simpilotblues - 08-09-2013, 11:36 PM

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