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TropicalSim website back after spambot sucked all the bandwidth

All is well again. We had strangely reached our bandwidth limit on the 29th. Checking our server logs there had been a lot of spambots draining the resources, so we have banned the IP access. We will probably add more IPs to the blacklist in the near future. This does not affect e-mail, so should any customer be wrongly affected by this, contact us via e-mail. It's one of the reasons we use separate e-mail from our servers nowadays to avoid blacklist issues.

Now for the good stuff:

Ponta Delgada + Corvo preview coming soon.

Açores #1 will be released as soon as corvo is done in the new few days.

We will edit our project page to remove duplicate airports currently in production/recently released by other developers.

That's pretty much it for now.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Cant Wait for Corvo and better yet cant wait to see Ponta Delgada and the rest of the project being released.

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