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Rio de Janeiro Galeão / SBGL - FSX Version RELEASED!!!
Hello everyone,

The FSX version of Rio de Janeiro Galeão 2012 has been released at simmarket:

The FS9 version will take a few more days.

Should any bugs pop up in the FSX version, when the FS9 version is released, the FSX version installer will be updated. Obviously if any major bug happens to show, which we do not believe will happen, we'll make a hotfix on the spot.

The scenery contains 176² km of 1m resolution photoreal scenery coverage with full autogen (The approach to runway 10, the most commonly used at GIG is awesome) and night lighting. This is the photoreal coverage area:

[Image: sbgl2012_photorealcoveragearea.jpg]

The FSX version will also bring a 3d taxiway bridge

Here are a few screenshots, much more are available at the simmarket link above.

[Image: sbgl2012prov_450x.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_1.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_2.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_3.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_4.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_5.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_6.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_7.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_8.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_9.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_10.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_11.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_12.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_13.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_14.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_15.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_16.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_17.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_18.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_19.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_20.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_21.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_22.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_23.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_24.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_25.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_26.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_27.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_28.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_29.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_30.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_31.jpg]

[Image: sbgl2012_fsx_32.jpg]
Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Very nice! Before purchase, one question: is it compatible with Paulo´s MegaRioX work? Thanks.
Hi Flavio,

I'll post in English since you posted in this language and repost bellow in portuguese as this seems to be in the interest of many brazilian simmers.

Paulo, as we all know, is working on a photoreal scenery for Rio. Since the photoscenery is matched to real world coordinates, and since our airport also include a photoscenery (that can be removed by deleting a file if a user prefers to use only Paulo's, without affecting the rest of the airport), matched to real world coordinate.

That being said, our airport is placed in the real world location, which in turn means that it will match any photoscenery that is inserted into the sim, weather it's Paulo's future release or any other photoreal scenery for Rio.

English users can stop reading here. :-)

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado


O Paulo, como todos sabem, está trabalhando em um cenário fotoreal do Rio. Como um cenário fotoreal é casado com as coordenadas reais, e como nosso aeroporto também inclui uma área fotoreal, também casada com as coordenadas reais (que pode ser removida simplesmente removendo um arquivo caso o usuário prefira usar apenas o fotoreal do Paulo).

Sendo assim, nosso aeroporto também está nas coordenadas reais, logo qualquer cenário add-on de fotoreal que seja inserido no simulador irá casar perfeitamente com nosso aeroporto, seja o cenário do Paulo ou qualquer outro fotoreal do Rio.


Leandro Machado
Thanks Leandro.
Posted in english as it might be of interest of foreign simmers too.
I´ll buy it ASAP. Thanks for the nice work!
Hey Leandro,

that is great news! Didn't know you worked on a new Galeao scenery! I will buy the FS9 version for sure, but 3D taxi way bridges are highly appreciated! Can you include them in the FS9 version as well, please? Looks so much downgraded without ;-)

Best regards,

Hi Axel,

The idea is to do that, but we cannot garantee due to the low-res FS9 mesh system. We did it for Cancun since the space between the start and end of the bridge was much bigger than the space available to work with in Rio, FS9's engine cannot handle this very well. But we'll try till the end to get something done for FS9 too, don't worry :-)

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Looks great Leandro!!!!!

One question though, how is the performance compared to the older FSX version? I have the Airbridge Package that includes SBGL and for some reason the FPS have never been that great at SBGL considering the size of the airport. Does the newer airport improve performance compared to the older one, and if so, how much better is the newer one running on your rig compared to the older one?

Also, is the new version using the smaller runway and taxiway lights? I remember in a thread at Avsim a few months ago you said that you have found a solution to the big lights that were used at SBGR and can now use the smaller default style lights, which in my opinion look much better since the lights aren't that noticeable at night like they are in the version of SBGR you guys did.

Last, you have plans on doing a remake of SBRJ as well?


How are you?

One of the most important aspects of the new version was to achieve great performance. For this, we made the airport first for FSX (We did this with the past few releases now, even though a few was released with both FSX and FS9 at the same time, but the airport was built for FSX and back-ported to FS9) to make sure the airport was as optimized as possible for this sim. We applied to the development scheme of this version all the good things learned in the 5+ years of FSX existence, something we did not have back in 2007 in the first SBGL version when FSX was just a toddler.

I saved 4 different "flights" within FSX in 3 positions that shows a large area of the airport and 1 position that shows the apron up close with buildings and loaded each flight with old version and then the new version. Here you can see unedited screenshots other than resizing, graphical experts can see that images was not tampered with... I guess you know that as you can come back here and on Avsim forums calling me all sort of names  Big Grin

Please note the old version had very little autogen in the Ilha do Governador, and the new version is full of autogen, much more information rendered on the screen, yet a much much better performance.

[Image: old1.jpg]

[Image: new1.jpg]

[Image: old2.jpg]

[Image: new2.jpg]

[Image: old3.jpg]

[Image: new3.jpg]

[Image: old4.jpg]

[Image: new4.jpg]

As for the second part of your post.... yep... those custom bgl_light command lights was made in SBGR, SAEZ and LPPR. LPPR had their removed on the new release for Prepar3d that also meant a new FSX build.

In due time SBGR will have theirs changed, as well as SAEZ which will sooner rather than later receive a new update to include Terminal 3 and a photoreal area.

SBRJ will also be remade, but we don't have a timeframe for this yet.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
And the Fs9 version..... more or less......estimated release please ??


Wow Leandro that is a big difference in FPS from the original version. I am excited to get this now and the comparison shots are great, not only to see the FPS difference, but also to see a comparison in how the new version looks compared to the old version. Sometimes without comparison shots it hard to see how much better the newer version looks.

(07-31-2012, 03:23 PM)TropicalSim link Wrote: I guess you know that as you can come back here and on Avsim forums calling me all sort of names  Big Grin

What do you mean Leandro, I have never had a bad word to say about you or Carlos. I have always though you guys were really nice and quick to reply to customer service requests. Are you sure your not thinking of someone else who called you names? If I said something to offend you I apologize, but for the life of me I dont recall ever saying anything wrong and if I did please direct me to the post so that I can clarify.

Thanks for taking the time to post the FPS comparison shots.


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