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hi, any news about a new project??
:o :o

We are currently working on an European airport, an Azorean airport and also converting two more airports to X-Plane 10. We'll post more news here as soon as we have some screenshots to show.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
I'm curious, specially about the European airport. Wich one is it going to be?
Geez I must be going blind. Never saw your post... very sorry for the lack of reply :-(

Anyway... We are in the final stages of Horta in the Azores, with Lajes coming shortly afterwards. As for the mainland mainland european airport mentioned, we had to halt production due to some heavy construction work on site recently, so we need updated pics in order for the project to be "a go" again and be announced.


If you say wich airport it is, maybe someone over here is able to help you out with the pictures.

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