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Aruba 2012 for X-Plane 10 release 10/29/2012 - SCREENS
Hi everyone,

We would like to share our screenshots of the X-Plane 10 version of Aruba 2012, TNCA. The airport will go on sale at simmarket this monday and it will be our first release that will enter sale with a discounted price as part of our 10 year promotion. Instead of the regular 13.95 non-vat X-Plane 10 price, Aruba 2012 for X-Plane 10 will be available for 10.95 until Oct 31.

[Image: tnca_xp10_0.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_1.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_2.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_3.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_4.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_5.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_6.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_7.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_8.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_9.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_10.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_11.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_12.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_13.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_14.jpg]

[Image: tnca_xp10_15.jpg]

Hope you enjoyed.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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