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No AES for Rio SBGL 2012 FS9 Version
Just Bought SBGL Rio 2012

I can only get AES for the Tropical Sim Rio SBGL 2012 for FSX.

This is also stated in the Aerosoft "AES Airport" list.

The older 2009 version of this scenery, which I did not have,  had AES  for both FS9 & FSX.

Is it possible that TropicalSim can make a request to Aerosoft to make an AES compatible version for the FS9 2012 version?

Hello Henry,

I could swear both old SBGL and new SBGL 2012 was fully AES compatible for FS9 and FSX, but apparently the new SBGL 2012 for FS9 was not released in time for the AES version that the same SBGL 2012 FSX version was available as the FS9 version was released a few weeks later. I just e-mailed Oliver from AES with the current FS9 installer, so the next AES update should take care of this.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Thanks Leandro for your quick reply.

Looking forward to getting AES for your great airport.

Enjoy the rest of the Festive Season and have a good Old & New.

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