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KDCA FS9 Installer Replacement

In case you are a KDCA purchaser and received an e-mail about a new file, here is the deal:

Some users had a need for an extra flatten for the airport, and some other users had a need for an extra exclude. Since this was only for a small portion of the users, we had been sending the file as needed through e-mail, but since the extra file will not hurt or damage the installation of the users who had no problem, we decided to re-upload the installer with the extra exclude bgl and the extra flatten bgl. The scenery itself has had nothing changed, the appearance is the same.

Installing the new file will not add anything new, so there's really no need to download and install unless you had to e-mail use for a file in the recent past.

This was only done to the FS9 version, nothing has been changed in the FSX installer.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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