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Azores: Lajes/LPLA Preview #3 - THE TERMINAL AREA
Hello guys,

Finally, here are the first images of the passenger terminal of Lajes. It is a very unique terminal as you can see by the images and as you can see I went all out to get an extremely realistic rendition of the area. Enough words, time for the pics:

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_1.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_2.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_3.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_4.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_5.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_6.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_7.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_8.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_9.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_10.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_11.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_12.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_13.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_14.jpg]

[Image: lpla_tpspreview_15.jpg]

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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