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Azores: Lajes/LPLA FSX Version Released

I didn´t really expect for the release to be within the next two days, I was just insisting for a new estimate on the release of the full pack.
The combined price of the 3 packs is around € 65 with the 30% discount, and from your reply I assume the full pack will be priced above that.
So, is Pico already updated? And the full pack installer is ready? If so, I won't wait any longer and give my credit card some use
(the last time was for Porto LPPR when you announced the October 30% offer).

Please reply soon, so I can have the discount...


We made the models and the textures for the Pico buildings, but they need to be applied, mapped, exported and edit the ground to reflect the new building. During the update process we had to stop it and go full steam with Curaçao that was already heavily delayed. That being said, once Curaçao is done the Pico update can be finished with a rested mind and the full pack released. The full pack installer is ready, but not compiled yet, it's just sitting still waiting for the update right now.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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