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Some ideas for future projects
Hello TropicalSim,

Since on the other treat you were saying you were soon to choose a new project to start with, I thought I'd post a few ideas. Most other developers got such a threat on their forums, but over here I couldn't find it. Feel free to close or delete it if you don't want it, but maybe this could turn out into something interesting.

Anyway, here's my wishlist:

LEMG Malaga
LEAM Almeria
LEGE Girona
LFMT Montpellier
LFKJ Ajaccio
LFKF Figari
LIPE Bologna
LIEA Alghero
LICR Reggio Calabria
LGST Sitia
LBWN Varna
LBBG Burgas
LRCK Constanta

I hope these destinations are tropical enough for you. Tongue

Many thanks for your suggestions. By your list I believe you like to fly in Europe?  8)

We have a couple of releases scheduled for the Caribbean, as well as a main European airport, but after that we should be looking at another mainland europe release (or even some island) and your list could come in handy when we do the background checks for airport suitability.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
I'll second LIPE Bologna but I'd also like to see the Caribbean airports of TFFF Martinique & TFFR Guadeloupe brought up to FSX standards.  Both airports were done by another company years ago for FS9 and ported over to FSX and are showing their age.

Also would be interested in TGPY Grenada & TBPB Barbados and some of the other Bahamian airports like MYGF Freeport, MYSM San Salvador, MYEF Exuma & MYAT Treasure Cay. 
Indeed I do like to fly in Europe, I never fly anywhere else. Of course my wishlist for Europe is a lot longer, but I got the feeling most of it isn't very tropical and therefor I didn't mention it.

By the way you can scratch LFMT Montpellier off the list since FranceVFR is already working on it. It wouldn't make much sense doing things double, would it?

Of course I understand there's also a caribbean side to TropicalSim wich I'm certainly not against, but honestly since I never fly there I wouldn't buy any airports in that area. That has nothing to do with the quality of those projects, but just that I don't have any feeling with the caribbean.
Hi Patrick,

That's perfectly fine. Everybody has their tastes, some only fly in Europe, some only fly in North America it's like that for everything in life... food, music, etc...

We still have some time until we choose another airport, as we have our next four upcoming airports listed, this means we can carefully select the best possible location, so customer input is valuable here in the forums or through e-mail contact, we do listen, that is actually how the Azores project began.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
I like this list  8)
I am sorry if this is the wrong topic to suggest/ask, but found it to be the most appropriate.
What about Bogota Eldorado (SBKO), would that be a possibility since the available products are really outdated.

SKBO is an excellent location, but it is hard to get good imagery of, especially since it seems there is a new terminal or will be a new terminal opened soon. If we get good photos, then we can think about it, seeing how it's one of South America's most important airports.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
LELC (MJV) - Murcia San Javier Big Grin
I would suggest MDPP - Puerto Plata (missing a representation at all) and MDCY - Samana El Catey (completely missing in FS / New Airport) for your next projects.

And yes, not to forget: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your wonderful work for the flightsim community!

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