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Azores: Lajes/LPLA FS9 Version Released, FSX Updated
Hello everyone,

Lajes has been completed with the FS9 version available as well as an update to the FSX version, which change-log I'll post bellow:

* Island coastline completely redone
* Landclass for the island
* Roads, streams and stock FSX road traffic added
* Added boats and ships to nearby marinas/docks
* Added more objects on path for runway 33 approach, including port crane, lighthouse, containers, tanks, etc...
* Added additional service vehicles and passenger stairs
* Added representative 3d ALS and 3d PAPI
* Runway distance remaining signs
* Animated birds (stock FSX animation) added above military apron and static cows to the right on final approach path
* BAK-12 gear arresting cable added to both touchdown points (representative) as well as sign indicating it's presence
* Tweaked z-bias to eliminate flickering on some windows and doors


With this done, only an update to Pico is pending so we can call the project complete.

Here are the final screenshots for FS9 and FSX:

[Image: lplax_fs9_final_0.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fs9_final_1.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fs9_final_2.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fs9_final_3.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fs9_final_4.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fs9_final_5.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fs9_final_6.jpg]

[Image: lplax_fsx_final_0.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_1.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_2.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_3.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_4.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_5.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_6.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_7.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_8.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_9.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_10.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_11.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_12.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_13.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_14.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_15.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_16.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_17.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_18.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_19.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_20.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_21.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_22.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_23.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_24.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_25.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_26.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_27.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_28.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_29.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_30.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_31.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_32.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_33.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_34.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_35.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_36.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_37.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_38.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_39.jpg]
[Image: lplax_fsx_final_40.jpg]

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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