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TropicalSim has released an update for the FS9 version of the scenery. The following items have been altered:
A TropicalSim lançou uma atualização para a versão FS9 do cenário. Foram alterado os seguintes itens:
  • Fence removed between the guard huts
  • Support column on an building next to airports was "sunk" in the ground, fixed.estavam "afundadas no solo", corrigido
  • Edited the night texture for the window on the new terminal building
  • Edited the night texutre in the Naval School as well as the Vasp/Varig hangars
  • Retextured the new terminal's roof, as well as added some new "blocks" on top
  • The checkerboard was duplicated, causing issues with runway lighting at the ends of the runways.
  • Jetway textures edited to be on the same tone as the windows of the new terminal
  • Other small changes

Download the patch at our website, in the updates section.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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