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Curaçao/TNCC FS9 Version & FSX Update

The FS9 version of Curaçao 2013 will be released this monday.

At the same time we'll also release an update for the FSX version, however, as usual, there will be no update file, but a whole new installer, so uninstall your original TNCC2013 installation and install again from the new download.

We'll post FS9 version screenshots on this topic over the weekend. Stay tuned!!!

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Ready my credit card....

More good news  Big Grin

We are pleased to inform that the FSX updated version and the FS9 version are being uploaded at this time to our servers and will shortly be at simmarket.

A new topic will be created shortly with more screenshots from FSX version and the FS9 version.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

Here are the screenshots from the FS9 version and also some from FSX that shows some of the changes made in the patch (many many things, nothing major but little touches here and there that makes a difference such as new baggage carts, new airstairs, new containers, specular maps, halo effect on floodlights, etc...). The full screenshot set are available at the purchase page at simmarket. The FSX version already has AES compatability as AES was updated a few days ago. FS9 version will come on the next FS9 update. We are extremely satisfied how the airport turned out, we hope you are too.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that if you already purchased for FSX, go to your simmarket order history and you'll be able to download the FS9 version as well as the updated FSX installer.

[Image: tncc2013fs9new_0.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_1.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_2.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_3.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_4.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_5.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_6.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_7.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_8.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_9.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_10.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_11.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_12.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_13.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_14.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_15.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_16.jpg]
[Image: tncc2013fs9new_17.jpg]

[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_0.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_2.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_3.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_5.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_7.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_8.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_26.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_30.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_32.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_33.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_36.jpg]
[Image: crop_tncc2013fsxnew_37.jpg]

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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