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A Little Issue with FS9

I recently purchased your scenery for TNCC FS9 Version and I must say it looks wonderful, but I do have one issue.
When I tried to update the AFCAD with AFCAD 2.21 for FS9, and the old buildings popped up on the coast line

Any reason for this and a way to avoid them popping up?

Thanks in Advance

AFCAD2 should not be used for editing, as it doesn't export all the attributes the BGL file contains.

You should use either ADE or AFX to edit AFD data, that way you'll not have issues.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Ok I thought so, I'll give AFD a try, it is freeware right?
AFD = Airport Facility Data, it's the data these programs generate that are commonly (and wrongly) referred to as AFCAD, whilst AFCAD is just the name of one of the softwares that can edit these kinds of data.

What you want is either ADE (Airport Design Editor) which is a freeware program or AFX (Airport Facilitator X) which is payware by Flight1.


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