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The Azores + Multi updates

After a busy week here at TropicalSim we have made several updates for the Azores. Here is the list:

The FS9 versions of Santa Maria, Pico, Corvo, Ponta Delgada and São Jorge has been edited so that the island shows up properly on the FS map and FS GPS.

The FS9 and FSX versions of Pico has been edited to remove the construction work near the airport's fire station and now has the finished buildings and fuel tanks placed at that location. 

This means the following products had their installer replaced:

Azores singles:
Corvo FS9
Ponta Delgada FS9
Pico FS9
Pico FSX
Santa Maria FS9
São Jorge FS9

Azores Packs:
Azores 1 FS9
Azores 1 FSX
Azores 2 FS9

For our friends who are collaborators of the project, the links they originally received with their courtesy copy is again active and can be used to download the updated version.

The full pack containing all 9 airports will be released today at simmarket.

[Image: pico_update1.jpg]

[Image: pico_update2.jpg]

That's it for now. Have a good and safe weekend everyone.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
I purchased the various Azores airports from Simmarket, but I have not yet received any notification from them regarding these updates. Do I just re-download the files from my Simmarket account?


Yep, just redownload the airports mentioned above in your user account, uninstall current and install the newer.


Thanks Leandro, I have re-downloaded the ones purchased from Simmarket (FS9 versions). My version of Corvo was the free one obtained via your email link. Do I use that same link (was for v1.1)?

Yep should be the same as I activated previous links... if you can't download send me an e-mail and I'll send a new link.


Yes - that old link worked - thanks for your assistance.

Unfortunately I wasn´t able to purchase the 3 Azores packs with the October discount, since I got sick and admitted to the hospital the 30th October.
Anyway, I´m better now and recovering at home, and finally I got the full pack at simmarket today, after a few days asking myself if I deserved a € 90 Christmas gift in advance.
I've been flying around the islands and for what I've seen so far I'm pretty pleased with your work.
However, I found a bug in the São Jorge scenery as you can see from the two attached images.

The extended default coastline only appears with the Pico scenery activated in the FSX scenery library (I´ve cleared all entries in the library but the default and LPSJx ones and tested by activating/deactivating LPPIx).

I also noticed that the mesh BGL file is repeated in four different scenery folders (LPGR, LPHR, LPLA and LPSJ) with a different mesh file for Santa Maria (LPAZ). Is that Ok, or should I delete the repeated file?

I will report any other bugs or issues I come across as I further explore the scenery.

Congratulations, this production of yours deserves the biggest price tag of them all...  Big Grin

Best regards,
Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho,


Attached Files
.jpg   LPSJx + LPPIx.jpg (Size: 448.94 KB / Downloads: 4)
.jpg   LPSJx - LPPIx.jpg (Size: 409.53 KB / Downloads: 3)

We are happy that you are better, all the best in your recovery.

Here is the deal with the mesh: Santa Maria was the first release, so we made a mesh for that island initially, but for subsequent releases, we included a mesh for the whole Azores. FS will only use 1 for the region and will select the one with the best resolution (LOD), don't worry about having more than one mesh, unlike multiple AFCADs, they will not cause problems.

As for the issue with LPSJ and LPPI, can you try changing their position in the scenery library? If LPPI is above LPSJ, click on it and then click on "Move Down" until it's bellow, or "Move Up" until it's above if it's currently bellow.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Oi Leandro,

Desta vez em português pois estou com pressa.
Estupidez minha, não me lembrei de trocar a ordem dos cenários para resolver o problema, quando já no passado tinha resultado com outros problemas semelhantes.
Entretanto surgiu outro problema com o cenário de Santa Maria (LPAZ), não me apareciam os edifícios do aeroporto.
Desactivei os outros cenários dos Açores na biblioteca e mais uma vez o problema desaparecia.
Mas, entretanto, vi a sua resposta ao meu post e reordenei os cenários na biblioteca, colocando os mais recentes com prioridade mais alta, e tudo ficou resolvido.
Talvez seja conveniente incluir esta informação no documento de instalação do pacote completo dos Açores.

Aproveito para fazer uma sugestão para melhorar o cenário de São Miguel (LPPD):
Existe um cenário fotorreal da ilha, freeware, desenvolvido por Luis O. Bethencourt para o FS9 e compatível com o FSX, disponível numa das bibliotecas freeware (avsim, flightsim? Basta googlar o nome do ficheiro: Ele funciona muito bem com o vosso cenário, apenas tem de ser colocado, ao contrário do que seria mais lógico, acima do vosso LPPDx na biblioteca de cenários do FSX.

Mais uma vez parabéns pelo excelente trabalho.

Olá Rui,

O que precisa ser melhorado em LPPD?



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