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P3D2 Support?

Whats the TropicalSim policy regarding P3D Version 2? Will the P3D v1.4 working titles like the Azores islands or Porto going to be supported in the new version? Are there any plans to make it happen? (e.g. similar to what FlyTampa, FSDream Team or Flight Bean already did and what Aerosoft promised to do at least in some of their titles).


We have already made TNCC Prepar3d V2 compatible, and all future releases will also be.

The older sceneries that are Prepar3d v1.4 compatible already, will receive the necessary touches to both the installer, documentation and also scenery parts that need editing, which is most of the trees and areas where transparency is used. The newer titles will be updated first in reverse of release order.

Prepar3d v2's new SDK also means that we developers no longer need to use the old asm hack from the FS2002 SDK for a ground polygon, as new material settings have been implemented so that we can have a fully native scenery without any legacy parts. As most people know, legacy fs2002 code in FSX/P3D causes a higher FPS loss than the exact same object exported with the according gamepack (FSX or P3D).

This is actually the first time we developers can export this kind of ground poly directly to the sim, as even the legacy fs2002 sdk coding needed to have it's code hand edited to function as a proper ground polygon, so we have gone through FS2002, FS2004, FSX and Prepar3d v1 without proper means to create a true detailed ground natively, so this is the first time ever we developers can do this and I believe many people have not realized this (it is little hidden inside the SDK documentation) yet as I have not seen other developers jump on this top notch new feature.

Here is a little video demonstrating the nice effects that come along with native ground poly:

OBS: View the video in youtube with 720p resolution to better see the features

Whenever a product of ours becomes Prepar3d v2 compatible, the users will be able to download by logging in to their simmarket user account, like they currently do with FS9 and FSX sceneries.

We hope this is the kind of reply you wanted to receive  Smile

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
That really looks awesome!  Smile
Thanks for the feedback!

PS: Como Português e detentor de todos os cenários TSim de Portugal a notícia é muito bem vinda!  Wink

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