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Porto/LPPR-2014 - Released for FS9/FSX/P3Dv1

We are pleased to announce the new version of Porto Intl' in Portugal. The scenery is available for FS9, FSX and P3D v1. The version for P3D v2 will be released in a few more days as we will test more the ground as it will feature native P3D v2 sdk ground with specular effects, to sum up, it behaves and looks as default airport ground with the sun reflection and rain reflection, but it's 100% custom, something that cannot be done with native FS9 and FSX tools without major editing and hacking.

As always, we offer a discount for users of the previous version of the scenery. Head over to Simmarket to purchase your copy:

Hotfix for FS9 version until official patch(fixes black sea issue, unrar to fs9\tropicalsim\lppr2014\texture):

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_0.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_0.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_1.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_2.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_3.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_4.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_5.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_6.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_7.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_8.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_9.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_10.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_11.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_12.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_13.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_14.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_15.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_16.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_17.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_18.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_19.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_20.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_21.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_22.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_23.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_24.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_25.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_26.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fsx_27.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fs9_0.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fs9_1.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fs9_2.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fs9_3.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fs9_4.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fs9_5.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_fs9_6.jpg]

Remember... if you know the airport let us know your thoughts if it can be further improved :-)

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
I I will be away from home two weeks, any screen for my comfort? Hehe
Define "Imminent"  ;D
(02-26-2014, 03:37 AM)wpslider link Wrote: Define "Imminent"  ;D
It's already available on Simmarket!
Wow, that was quick! ;D
Now installing... Wink
Hello  Smile

I have edited the main post to add the link for the hotfix for the FS9 version until we make an official patch (fixes black sea issue). We'll wait a few days for further feedback. Since we received a batch of fresh photos from the airport on the release day there are also some things we noticed and would like to further enhance the product adding them.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Keep up the good work.
Great work. Once again well done Tropicalsim team
Great work , next stop.......PUJ

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