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Porto 2014 FS9/FSX Updated, Prepar3d v2 released

We have rolled out an update for the FS9 and FSX versions of Porto 2014, and we have now also released the Prepar3d v2 version of the scenery, which features custom ground using native prepar3d sdk.

The update fixes the black sea issue in the FS9 version, whilst adds some new features to both FS9/FSX versions such as the CLA Catering building, some missing light poles on the new apron, 3d representative ALS, the FSX version also features the 2 bridges at the end of runway 35 with the highway at a lower level (the FS9 version also features the bridges and road signs, but does not have a lowered ground due to constraints of the mesh resolution), amongst other new items placed. We also added specular mapping to the FSX and Prepar3d v2 versions.

We are very happy with how the airport has turned out and with this out of the way we can go and fully concentrate on Punta Cana.

We have sent the new installers to simmarket, it should be online anytime now, if you checked the box to receive updates on the product when you made the purchase you'll receive a notification e-mail when the files are online. Simply uninstall your current scenery and install from the latest installers.

Here are some screens from the Prepar3d v2 version of the scenery:

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_0.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_1.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_2.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_3.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_4.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_5.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_6.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_7.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_8.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_9.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_10.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_11.jpg]

[Image: lppr2014_p3dv2_12.jpg]

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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