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Punta Cana/MDPC-2014 - FS9/FSX/P3Dv1/P3Dv2

It has been a long time since we started this project, which ended up halted twice, but we feel that the wait has been worth it. I'll post the screenshots from the Prepar3d v2 version here for you guys to check out, so without further ado..... This is Punta Cana:

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_0.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_1.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_2.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_3.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_4.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_5.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_6.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_7.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_8.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_9.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_10.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_11.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_12.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_13.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_14.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_15.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_16.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_17.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_18.jpg]

[Image: mdpc_p3d2_19.jpg]

Release for FS9 / FSX / P3dv1 / P3Dv2 scheduled for monday.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
It Looks very very nice Smile
Good job Leandro, can't wait to fly there Big Grin

Wow looks awesome, miles better then the previous 2007 version!
Tomorrow?? Genial, brilliant

Thank you guys for your continued support of FS9, I know its old but she still has her uses after all these years Smile
Mr. Leandro i was stay in punta cana 3 month ago, i beg u some buildings around of the airport and a few cars more in the international plataform.
it´s a great work congratulations  Big Grin
Hello everyone,

Thanks for the nice comments.

Juan, We have an 80km² photoreal area around the airport with full autogen coverage, so all the buildings are portrayed as autogen objects.

The airport is ready, has been uploaded and should go on sale tomorrow, monday, as planned. We have not currently made any custom resorts in the beach area, which we will do so and release in an update in the next few weeks.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Ready in my PC, thanks great job  Tongue
I have just purchased and installed Punt Cana for FS2004. I seem to be mssing some textures on some of the terminal roofing (see attached image). Any idea what is causing this?

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Yes, me too. Missing  textures.


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