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Punta Cana/MDPC-2014 - FS9/FSX/P3Dv1/P3Dv2
I stand corrected - there are in fact textures on those roofs - if you zoom in close you can see the metal ribbing. Sorry about that!

There is no missing texture. That's the way Punta Cana roofs are, mostly thatched roof, but on those locations there are metal plates. If you zoom in on those locations you'll see the metal plate details as the screenshot bellow shows:

[Image: puj3.jpg]

Here is a real life photo where you can see the white painted metal plates:

[Image: puj.jpg]

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Thank you to the team at Tropicalsim for another great Airport to add to my already crowded FS9 sim!!

I picked this up as soon as I saw it pop up on Simmarket.....

First, thank you for creating Punta Cana even for FS9. The quality is realy good and I'm quite happy.

Two questions:
1. Does Oliver Pabst already got the necessary files to add AES to the airport?
2. The transition beetwen the photoscenery and the standard scenery is maybe a bit "hard" (one straight line). Would it be possible to do it a bit smoother in an update?

Anyway the Scenery is great.

Kind Regards
Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the kind words.

Now to your answers:

1: Yep, I believe the next AES update should have both Porto 2014 and Punta Cana 2014.

2: The photoscenery was color-matched with the default FSX landclass texture with a small but sufficient feather on the edges, but if you use some replacement textures, like the FS Scene or ORBX Global, the landclass textures will have different color tones. Either way I have made an edit to the transparency mask for the photoreal, making the transition some 500 pixels on the edges (the original release has 150 pixel feather). Send us an e-mail with your order number and I'll send you the alternative photoreal for you to use.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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