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Santos-Dumont/SBRJ-2014 - FS9/FSX/P3Dv1/P3Dv2 PREVIEW WIP

Here are some preview images for you guys that I have been trying to post for a few days now. The airport is very close, we expect good news very soon. These screenshots have been taken in Prepar3d v2.

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_1.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_3.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_4.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_5.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_6.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_7.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_8.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_9.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_10.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_11.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_12.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_13.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_14.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_15.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_16.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_17.jpg]

[Image: sbrj2014_p3dv2_18.jpg]

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Fantastic SDU Airport.  Smile
Looks fantastic, Leandro
I see it has already been released on Simmarket...

Could you consider re-doing Panama City MPTO for 2014?

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