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Rio Santos-Dumont/SBRJ-2014 & Paulo Ricardo Mega Rio de Janeiro X 2012
I know this is not a support forum, but yet this is not really seeking for support post.
I want to buy the Rio Santos-Dumont/SBRJ-2014, however I also own Paulo Ricardo Mega Rio de Janeiro X 2012 which already contains
Santos-Dumont in it. based on the Pictures I see that TropicalSim versi0on of Santos-Dumont is slightly better quality then what is included
in the Rio de Janeiro X 2012 bundle.
my question is, if I buy the TropicalSim Santos-Dumont, does any one knows how to make it compatible with Rio de Janeiro X 2012 /Santos-Dumont?
in otehr words, how to disable Santos-Dumont from  Rio de Janeiro X 2012?
I can't really post this question or open a support ticket at "Paulo Ricardo" for this kind of question, request Smile


Any help you need making the sceneries compatible, contact us via e-mail after your purchase and we'll gladly assist you.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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