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LIPQ Trieste for P3D2
i try this beautiful airport bought for fsx time ago to P3D 2.3.
the problem is that all buildings are not visible.

Is expect a patch to render compatible the LIPQ to Prepar3D?

hope yes because is my town airport  Sad


There are some differences in Prepar3d v2 in regards to FSX/Prepar3d v1. Trieste has not been released for Prepar3d like some of our newer sceneries which states specifically Prepar3d v1 and/or v2 versions (you'll see P3D and P3Dv2 next to the product name as well as in the product description it states which simulators it is for).

In the future should we release a new version for Trieste, we'll surely release an Prepar3d v2 version as well.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
thanks leandro,
i know that there is no written for P3D 1 & 2, but for most airports is compatible from FSX to P3D (I thought it was also the case for trieste).
Being a long time already released P3D, you have idea when we might have Trieste for P3D?

thank you


This is another one where the airfield shows up nicely in P3D v2 however only the main building objects are missing.  It is a bit like MYNN in that regard.  So I wonder if this is again a similar case where the main buildings would need to be fully remodelled, into a new format, or could they somehow be converted?

I would gladly pay for an updated version.



Well done.  I just gladly paid for an updated version, and I appreciate the discount as credit for having purchased the previous version. 

Pleased customer here.  Hope there will be a few more like this.

Are there any real changes to the airport or is it just a conversion to make it P3Dv2 compatible? I mean, I'm still using FSX so for me it doesn't matter if it's P3Dv2 compatible or not. But if the airport itself has been updated it might be worth upgrading. If there are no changes I think I'll keep using the old version.

The airport itself, in terms of buildings, did not change much, but the textures have mostly been revised as well as a whole new custom ground as well as a photoreal area with autogen.

The changes of the buildings have been discreet, such as adding solar panels to the roof of the cargo building, repositioning of the old MD aircraft that used to be near the radar, it's now at the opposite runway.

Some of the buildings that may not look different have been changed in the way they used resources (ie textures), most have been optimized and the airport will perform now, with more details than before, even better than the previous version, not that there was any performance issues to begin with, but still.... whenever you can get something more, you do it right?

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
I was about to purchase the new LIPQ version available at Simmarket, as I have the previous version for FS2004 (purchased as part of "3 European Airports"). It appears that I am not eligible for any discount. Is that correct? I don't mind paying the full price, but I wanted to check if Simmarket have made a mistake.

Hi Graeme,

We offer discount for previous purchasers of the single version. The 3 airport bundle, or any other bundle are not part of the discount due to the fact that the user already received his discount on the first purchase, since the bundles are already a discounted product.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Okay - thanks for the information. I will purchase the new version today!

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