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Migrating Caribbean Airport 15 pack Bundle to P3D 2.3

After all said about the matter, I think we are done here.

Many thanks to Ripcord for the good will, test results and sugestions. All considered here, and a good starting point; now we (and all other customers) have a nice idea about what is performing nice and what's not. Nice work.

And thanks to Leandro we all know now why things needs to be done, what is worth and not to be redone, and what will be our next steps. Nice to demonstrate that it's hard for a 2 persons team, to interrupt a work like this we are doing at TFFF and other two sceneries at the same time, to go back to an 8 years old pre-SP2 scenery to do a survey on what could be done in order to let it has an extra life on an ambient where it was not projected to even exist. Maybe for some developers (the big ones, with with dozens of employees) it would be very easy to do so. Reality here is another one.

Even though this would be very nice, for some P3D 2.3 users that would enjoy to use the airports on P3D 2.3, we have hundreds of customers eager to have TFFF finished and released as early as possible.

Our goal is to have everyone happy and satisfied. But it takes time to achieve. So... let's keep working as scheduled.

I'm now closing the topic(s) about the theme, as I'm absolutely sure that all that has to be said it, was said.

Back to work here to keeping delivering the best we can for all of you.

My best,

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