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Any development plans for MDPP? (Puerto Plata Airport)?
[Image: aeroporto_luperon_due.jpg]

The Dominican community has been waiting for a MDPP Puerto Plata Airport for quite some time after the makers of Dominican Aerodromes has stopped making flight simulation sceneries for the dominican republic since the early days of FS2004. Now that we're in FSX I would love for an MDPP airport, there is quite a ton of flights that fly down to the Puerto Plata City area in VATSIM and this scenery would be useful and purchased by many people. Along-side the jetBlue Virtual community would love to have such scenery as an extention to promote more flights down to that region as we build the Santo Domingo FIR in VATSIM.

Now these are the statistics of flights that flight inbound/outbound from the Gregorio Luperon (MDPP/POP) airport from VATAWARE

Also, I've navigated the forums a bit and I came across this;

Quote:November 08, 2013: Puerto Plata is a place we've been wanting to do ever since we did Santiago Cibao, but we never managed to find a local guy who can take good scenery oriented photographs. Once we find that, we'll do it for sure.



I can always photograph the Gregorio Luperon Airport or have someone to do it the next time I fly down to the Dominican Republic if it needs to be done for free. I have a friend that knows a friend that works for in Tower control of Puerto Plata and he can aid in some pictures need be.

If you search our forums you'll find hidden somewhere we mentioned we always anted to make Puerto Plata, however we never managed to get good contacts like we did for Cibao and Punta Cana. Maybe times have changed?  Smile Contact us via e-mail: tropicalsim (@)

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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