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Fernando de Noronha - Brazil / SBFN - FS9/FSX/P3D-v1/v2/v3 RELEASED
Hello everyone,

First of all we'd like to wish all our friends a great holiday season. Thanks for another year of your support, we're at 13 and counting.

Here is a nice little airport off the northeast coast of Brazil in the island of Fernando de Noronha. It is one of the most beautiful place you can go anywhere in the world. It really is magical and special.



[Image: sbfn_fsx_0.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_3.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_4.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_5.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_6.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_7.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_8.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_9.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_10.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_11.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_12.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_13.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_14.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_15.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_16.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_17.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_18.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_19.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_20.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_21.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_22.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_23.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_fsx_24.jpg]

PREPAR3D v2/v3

[Image: sbfn_p3d_0.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_1.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_2.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_3.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_4.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_5.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_6.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_7.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_8.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_9.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_10.jpg]

[Image: sbfn_p3d_11.jpg]

For FS9 screenshots see sales page at simmarket.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Nice scenery indeed! Purchased and installed today. Thank you very much for supporting FS9. Smile

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