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SBGR 2015 update
Hello Leandro,

Received an update e-mail from SimMarket for SBGR 2015.

What is included in this update and do I need to remove the present SBGR 2015 or is it not a major change.

Will it affect the AES and the Afcad  bgl,  I have altered  the size of some gates.

Regards Henry

It's just an update, not a new version like SAEZ 2013 > SAEZ 2016.

Install the regular SBGL 2015, then install this update.

The update is actually an year old, for some reason it was removed from the files available from the customers at simmarket, that's why we re-uploaded it yesterday.

You can see the change log here:

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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