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MDPC - SODE Jetways?
Hi there,

will you update the airport MDPC with SODE Jetways? This would be very nice.

I think since MDPC already has Ctrl+J jetways that works in both FSX and P3D, it would be nice to see SODE jetways being applied to SBGR2015 since it's still a recent scenery and has no moving jetways at all. I asked them sometime before SBGL2016 was released if they were inclined to use SODE in their sceneries and here we are. SBGR also has those L shape fingers that I'd love to see animated as well, if possible of course.

Keep the good work TropicalSim ?

We don't have plans to add SODE jetways to MDPC nor KMCI, which are the 2 airports we released with IK Jetways, at the moment, but in a future update it could be possible sure. In my opinion time is better spent on airports without any of these technology that relies solely on AES.

As for SBGR, SODE is not yet compatible with T or L shaped jetways, it's something the author is working on for SODE 1.4.0 update, it's currently only working for the "swinging" type jetways.

See this post re: T type jetways:
So only for future sceneries like Cancun? :-X

Ok, so maybe also Porto/Bilbao?
Yep, that sort of thing  Wink
So after SODE 1.4.0 you guys plan to put it in SBGR?

André Dória

When we next update SBGR, yep. We have a small update planned, nothing major, just some code clean up and to change the advertisements on the jetways that have HSBC on them, they now have "Seguradora Caixa" in real life.



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