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TIST for P3Dv3?
Any chance of seen Cyril E. King Airport for Prepar3Dv3 in the future? That was a sweet airport when it came out for FS9 and FSX, with it's island's eye candy, to include the cruise ship port.

This is a coincidence, only yesterday I was taking a look at the virgin islands airports we have done (both US and UK) and thinking about a remake of them. Are you from the island? If you are and are willing to get us some good resolution photos of the airport it could push TIST into the front of the production line  Wink

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Unfortunately I'm from the island next door, Puerto Rico, but my wife and I took a cruise ship a few years back, and we stopped at the port in St Thomas. I would have loved to have gone by the airport and taken pictures, but the only pictures I still have are those I took from the cruise ship deck, and the hill above the port looking down at the bay. I'll send you those in email format to see if you can use any of those for reference. I hope someone in St Thomas is looking at this thread and help us out.

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