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X-Plane catalogue
I like your products and I have a few of them particulary those of Portugal Airports.
Why you don´t make all of them available to X-Plane plattform? Maybe the market is now bigger that in the past. Especially now, with XPlane11 and their new user interface.
X-Plane is, until now, the only flight sim 64 bits platform and unless Prepar3D release a 64 bits version, the only one not limitted in VAS.
Unaffortunely the add-on publishers like TropicalSim only make a few products to X-Plane.

Best regards
Joaquim Xavier
Hi Joaquim,

Thanks for your post. You hit the spot about the "market". It's the reason we don't have more X-Plane offerings. Maybe with X-Plane 11 we can try and release another new airport and see how it goes?

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

Thanks for your answer. I hope to see more products from you for X-Plane, in the near future.
Maybe if you sell it in you have more market and more success.

Best regards

Joaquim Xavier
Hey Gang!

X-Plane is the future of this hobby.  Think ahead Tropicalsim.............I agree with Joaquin on this one.


(02-11-2017, 09:09 PM)DMullert link Wrote: Hey Gang!

X-Plane is the future of this hobby.  Think ahead Tropicalsim.............I agree with Joaquin on this one.



Hi Dennis,

We'll probably give X-Plane 11 a shot in the not too distant future, I'm waiting for the Steam release to get my copy and see if some things (scenery creation related) improved from X-Plane 10, such as mentioned bellow.

The work in exporting to X-Plane was honestly not worth the effort comparing with the time lost in creating new content for MSFS or P3D. For example we spent over 10 days trying to get our 100% ready TFFF Martinique airport exported for X-Plane 10, but it's system would not permit it since the airport was located in 2 different "tiles", W60 and W61 and in X-Plane terms this means the airport needed to be split into two different DSF files. Even when it was split and in the correct coordinates, the custom ground edges of W60 and W61 would not match, leaving seems and/or overlaps, in turn making any airport which overlaps 2 tiles technically impossible to have custom ground as we know it, meaning all that these airports (which overlaps 2 tiles) would only work with AFCAD/WED type ground over photoreal, which kind of removes much of the immersion factor of an airport as it looks very generic. See the image bellow to understand what I mean. Maybe this is fixed in XP11? We'll see.

[Image: TFFF_XP10FSX.jpg]

Nothing against X-Plane, I really like the sim but we have mouths to feed and the sales are the bottom line. We always let the sales dictate the future, and that is the reason we still make sceneries for FS9 but stopped the X-Plane versions for the remainder of XP10. But I'm sure we'll give XP11 a shot soon.



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