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KABQ - Albuquerque Airport _Fisrt preview
Hi Folks!  Smile

Here's our first Albuquerque/KABQ preview.

Showing some airport areas only:

- the parking building featuring it's solar panels.
- the main entrance region.
- the Sheraton and other parking areas.
No terminal building on this preview.

Please note, this is just an inicial preview, a lot of work yet to be done.
No cars, no renderized shadows, no AO, no people, no dedicated ground work, no other eye-candies, but we think you will be able to have an idea of what is coming ahead on this scenery.
Hope you enjoy it  Wink

[Image: kabq_preview_00 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_01 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_02 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_03 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_04 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_05 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_07 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_08 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_09 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_10 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_12 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_13 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_14 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_15 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_16 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_17 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_18 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_19 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_21 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_22 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_23 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_24 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_25 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_26 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_27 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_28 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_29 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_30 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_31 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_32 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_33 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_37 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_38 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_39 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_40 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_44 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_45 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_46 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_47 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_48 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_49 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_50 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_51 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_52 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_53 copy.jpg]

[Image: kabq_preview_55 copy.jpg]

More previews to come.

Have nice flights!
Carlos Pereira & Leandro Machado.
Finally my home airport - great to see this coming ! ! !


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