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How can I purchase the 2012 version of Rio de Janeiro Galeão Airport?
Hi all,
is it possible to purchase the 2012 version and not the 2016 version? I just dont like the new terminals the same as in Sao Paulo Guarulhos. They just dont fit in the airport. The difference is too strong between the old and the new terminals but fortunately I bought Sao Paulo Guarulhos many years ago so I still have the original version of TropicalSim SBGR.
But since I still havent SBGL it would be nice to purchase original 2012 version. Would that be possible?
Best regards,
Hi Patrick,

Since a newer version is available, naturally the old version is not longer for sale. If you insist on having the older version, purchase the 2016 version, send me an e-mail with your order number and which simulator you use (Be aware that the 2012 version is NOT compatible with Prepar3d v2/v3/v4, only with the first release of Prepar3d), FS9, FSX or P3D(v1), and I'll send you the 2012 version.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Thanks! I'll do it Smile

Sorry for the delay only now I saw your e-mail on my personal e-mail account. In the future please use tropicalsim (@) gmail . com as you'll get a much much faster reply from there. I get so much spam on my personal addy we lucked out that I did not delete yours by accident.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado

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