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Compatiblity Martinque TropSim & FranceVFR
This topic is about compatibility.

Have the FS9 2007  FranceVFR Martinique island, patched for FSX,a couple of years later, which includes the airport and am

wondering if anyone has bought the new Martinique Airport 2018 from Tropical Sim and also have the FranceVFR product.

I had an issue with TahitiX and Papeete which was from two different developers.

Had some issues i.e. trees on the runway etc. so I do not want to buy Martinique if I have similar issues as I never got them to be

properly compatable.

Contacted both FranceVFR, & TropicalSim but they had not checked for compatibility.

Also have UTX Tropics & Caribbean.

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