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Dear users,

Before starting, we thank you for reading this small post. What we are going to ask here, I'm sure our true customers will understand, after all, they won't be harmed by this.

This forum, is not a support forum. It's a forum so our users can talk to us, and with each other about sceneries, suggestions, an idea for an item for scenery A, or another for scenery B, etc...

Product support is done via e-mail. E-mails can be sent to the following e-mails:

Please make sure to included your product serial number. If you do not remember where you placed it, login to your account at and you should find it in your order history.

We do not offer support for users with pirate serial numbers. Please do not waste our time and yours sending an e-mail with a pirate serial number. We do have people who searches for ilegal offerings of our products as well as honest customers who notice us of infractions which we are extremely thankfull for.

The above is the reason no product support is available through the forums. If a user cannot contact us through e-mail by any chance, they can send a private message through the forum with their problem, but please refrain from posting in the main forum.

Like I said at the start of the post, I'm sure the real customers understand this and values the fact that we are not giving pirates any tips, as well as having pirate serials blocked from updates.

Thank you and enjoy our forum.

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