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Ladies and Gentleman,

We would like to present you with another set of screenshots showing the closer details of our building structures within the
airport so that our customers and customers-to-be have a full view of what TropicalSim São Paulo Guarulhos / SBGR is all

Should you be familiar with the real Guarulhos airport, you'll have the oportunity to compare our scenery with your real life
knowledge of the airport.

If it's your first time at Guarulhos, then welcome and feel at home. By all means, search for real pictures to compare.
You'll be amazed at the "being there" factor.
[Image: Image1.jpg]

[Image: Image5.jpg]

[Image: Image6.jpg]

[Image: Image7.jpg]

[Image: Image8.jpg]

[Image: Image10.jpg]

[Image: Image11.jpg]

[Image: Image12.jpg]

[Image: Image13.jpg]

[Image: Image14.jpg]

Best Regards,

Carlos Pereira & Leandro Machado

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