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Why Tropicalsim is going to do MKJP airport. There is alredy a good airport of MKJP, latin VFR
Hi Jet22, how are you?

1) I`ve edited your post. I will not allow that pics here, specially from "them". Hope you understand.

2) We have done and released Kingston a long time ago.

3) We have always announced that our main airports, done for FS9 would be redone from scratch for both FSX and FS9 using new tools and techs.

4) That is what we have done with: Aruba, Curaçao, Daytona Beach, Cancun, Bonaire, Nassau, Providenciales, St.Thomas, Congonhas, among others.

6) A long time ago, on many foruns, and at our old website too, we`ve announced sometimes that among our scheduled projects was Toncontin. We had plans to do that airport, but I must be sincere and admit that we had not scheduled it yet. Ok, they did Toncontin and we canceled the idea, no problem here. We just gave up on Toncontin, nothing to argue here.

7) When we had already started a new version of Grand Cayman (one of these previously done sceneries), already posted a lot of preview images of the work done so far, we were surprised by them releasing a Grand Cayman scenery, taking advantage of a personal problem that was forcing me to delay it`s completion for some months, and that was widely noticed too at the time.
A lot of people knew we were doing Grand Cayman. There were a lot of images of the work done so far. And they did Cayman anyway.
And we were forced to cancel Grand Cayman, with almost half the scenery completed, as there would be no market for two different versions of this airport.

8) We have always said that, as the new real Kingston airport was under construction, we would wait for it`s completion before start doing it for FSX and FS9.
We didn`t want to do it based only on project images, nor "on what it was looking" at the moment. We wanted to do it complete, after the real one was ready and finished.
But, in the meantime they did and released their Kingston the way it was at the time.

9) Well, this one we wont give up. Kingston was one of our main sceneries since we produced the first version, some years ago.
He have always annouced we would be doing a new version, an we will not be canceling this one, not because of them.
We will wait for the real one being totally finished, will collect the necessary material, and we will do our new Kingston version.
Simple question of time.
But for sure our scenery, as the others we release, will not have "Google Earth Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V" ground work, this is true.

My best regards,
Carlos Pereira.

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