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Hello everyone,

A few days after the FS9 version, comes the FSX version, but not only that: The fs9 version gets a small upgrade, which includes additions such as new ground markings such as drains, fuel connectors, cones, perimeter fencing, infield fencing, animated vehicles on the highway that leads to the airport and other neat little things that will enhance even more your Ezeiza experience.

Without further ado, here are the screenshots, but first a little video presentation of Ezeiza:

<object width=\"640\" height=\"380\"><param name=\"movie\" value=\"\"></param><embed src=\"\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" width=\"640\" height=\"380\"></embed></object>

FSX Screenshots

[Image: saezfsxnew_1.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_2.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_3.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_4.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_5.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_6.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_7.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_8.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_9.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_10.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_11.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_12.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_13.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_14.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_15.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_16.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_17.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_18.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_19.jpg]

[Image: saezfsxnew_20.jpg]
FS9 Screenshots

[Image: saezfs9new_1.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_2.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_3.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_4.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_5.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_6.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_7.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_8.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_9.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_10.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_11.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_12.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_13.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_14.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_15.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_16.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_17.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_18.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_19.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_20.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_21.jpg]

[Image: saezfs9new_22.jpg]

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