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We have just finished and sent to Simmarket a brand new airport.
This one is a brand new one indeed, even at real world <img src=\'<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif\' class=\'bbc_emoticon\' alt=\':o\' />

Lleida-Alguaire / LEDA, on Catalonia region, near Barcelona, Spain.
This new and well designed, and visually different airport started operantions last February.

As ever, both versions are available: FS9 & FSX.
Hope you enjoy:

FS9 images:

[Image: leda450.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_01.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_02.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_03.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_04.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_05.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_06.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_07.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_08.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_09.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_10.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_11.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_12.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_13.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_14.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_15.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_16.jpg]

[Image: leda_9_17.jpg]

FSX images:

[Image: leda_x_01.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_02.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_03.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_04.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_05.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_06.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_07.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_08.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_09.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_10.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_11.jpg]

[Image: leda_x_12.jpg]

As said above, this scenery has just been sent to Simmarket. It may be available to be ordered anytime soon.

Carlos Pereira.

Lleida has been released at Simmarket this Monday morning.

Enjoy and have nice flights!

Carlos Pereira.

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