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LEBB/BILBAO. Preview #3.

A brand new set of images from Bilbao-Sondica/LEBB, this time showing the auxiliar area, along the ramp.
Ground work updated since last preview, but still under development.
We are entering now on the last parts of the scheduled construction steps.
Hope you enjoy the images.

[Image: bil03_0.jpg]

[Image: bil03_2.jpg]

[Image: bil03_4.jpg]

[Image: bil03_5.jpg]

[Image: bil03_6.jpg]

[Image: bil03_7.jpg]

[Image: bil03_1.jpg]

[Image: bil03_8.jpg]

[Image: bil03_9.jpg]

[Image: bil03_3.jpg]

[Image: bil03_10.jpg]

[Image: bil03_11.jpg]

[Image: bil03_12.jpg]

[Image: bil03_13.jpg]

[Image: bil03_14.jpg]

[Image: bil03_15.jpg]

[Image: bil03_16.jpg]

[Image: bil03_17.jpg]

[Image: bil03_189.jpg]

[Image: bil03_19.jpg]

[Image: bil03_20.jpg]

These images were taken from the FS9 version of the scenery.
Have nice flights!

Carlos & Leandro.
Hi Carlos!

How is the Bilbao Development?

The last images set was impresive, any new?
Quote:Hi Carlos!

How is the Bilbao Development?

The last images set was impresive, any new?


Carlos is down with flu the past couple of days. We are nearing completion of the old terminal area with the old control tower. We'll then finalize the main terminal and then we'll enter the completion phase where we place static vehicles, bagcarts, cars, those kind of things. If all goes well, we'll have the scenery out in late October.


Leandro Machado
Thank you very much for your fast reply!

I hope Carlos will get better soon!!

Thank you a lot!
Hi Ekim, how are you?
Thanks for your post and interest.

I think I will be able to release a new set of images today or at least tomorrow.
The cargo terminal area and the aeroclub region has been already finished.
I`m finishing the old terminal part today. Right now I`m working on that beautiful (and hard to do <img src=\'<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif\' class=\'bbc_emoticon\' alt=\':o\' /> too) house full of stones.

As soon as I have all this worked out I`ll be showing upated images here, ok?

The airport is really becoming very beautiful and we are taking a lot of care to let it as real as possible.

My best regards,
Carlos Pereira.

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