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Terrance B Lettsome Intl' RELEASED
Hello everyone,

While we are ongoing with two major projects (Bilbao and the Azores), we also have some work on the side at all times, and one of these has just been completed and released.

You can purchase the scenery add-on here: [url=\"\"]CLICKY CLICKY[/url]

Complete screenshot set [url=\"\"]CLICK HERE[/url]


[Image: FSX_Image1.jpg]

[Image: FSX_Image2.jpg]

[Image: FSX_Image3.jpg]

[Image: FSX_Image5.jpg]

[Image: FSX_Image7.jpg]

[Image: FSX_Image9.jpg]


[Image: FS9_Image1.jpg]

[Image: FS9_Image2.jpg]

[Image: FS9_Image3.jpg]

[Image: FS9_Image4.jpg]

[Image: FS9_Image5.jpg]

[Image: FS9_Image7.jpg]
Hey Guys, the scenery looks awesome but might I ask what water textures you use in the FSX pics, is it FEX or REX?
Hi Stanley,

The water is mostly stock FS water texture, and a little bit, mostly near the beaches, is part of the photoreal that has "water" mask applied to the top to receive a true FSX water effect.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Thanks much Leandro, it looks very impressive, good job guys!

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