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LEBB/BILBAO. Preview #4
Hi, another set of images from Blbao/LEBB - Sondica airport.

This time the focus is over the cargo terminal, the Aeroclub and the old passenger terminal.
Remenbering that the ground art work is still the provisory one, used only for placement purposes, that the old control tower is still to be added on this part of the scenery (Leandro is modeling it by now) and the autogen stuff is yet to be placed at the airport. Anyway, you may have a nice view of the work done so far.

We are doing our best (without any rush) to have Bilbao released this month indeed, if everithing goes ok.

Here are the updated images, hope you like.

[Image: bil04_0.jpg]

[Image: bil04_1.jpg]

[Image: bil04_2.jpg]

[Image: bil04_3.jpg]

[Image: bil04_4.jpg]

[Image: bil04_5.jpg]

[Image: bil04_6.jpg]

[Image: bil04_7.jpg]

[Image: bil04_8.jpg]

[Image: bil04_9.jpg]

[Image: bil04_10.jpg]

[Image: bil04_12.jpg]

[Image: bil04_13.jpg]

[Image: bil04_14.jpg]

[Image: bil04_15.jpg]

[Image: bil04_16.jpg]

[Image: bil04_17.jpg]

[Image: bil04_18.jpg]

[Image: bil04_19.jpg]

[Image: bil04_20.jpg]

[Image: bil04_21.jpg]

[Image: bil04_22.jpg]

[Image: bil04_23.jpg]

[Image: bil04_24.jpg]

[Image: bil04_25.jpg]

[Image: bil04_26.jpg]

[Image: bil04_27.jpg]

[Image: bil04_28.jpg]

My best regards,
Carlos Pereira.
Wow, looks very detailed...

Thank you very much for the preview. Good work!
Simply awesome.

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