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Antigua / TAPA. Preview #1

This is the first preview of Antigua/TAPA, V.C. Bird Intl. Airport, soon to be released for FS9 & FSX.

By now, just showing the passenger terminal area, still over a provisory ground work, without proper autogen and other objects. Hangar and service areas are well advanced and will be shown this week indeed. Just wait to see.
here are the pics:

[Image: tapa_prev_00.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_01.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_02.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_03.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_04.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_05.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_06.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_07.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_08.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_09.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_010.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_011.jpg]

[Image: tapa_prev_012.jpg]

Hope you like. More screens very soon.

Have nice flights!
Carlos Pereira.

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