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Ilha do Pico/LPPI: preview #1

Some pics from Pico`s Island/LPPI airport.

Note: this is just a preview showing the step the scenery is now. A lot of things still to be done.
- temporary ground work.
- autogen yet to be placed.
- elevated ground bellow the control tower (and the tower itself) yet to be done.
- ground masks yet to be placed.
- other airport structures still missing.
- coastline yet to be refined.
among other things, but I`m sure you all can take an idea of the path the airport is following.
Soon, more pics, from Pico, Corvo and Sta. Maria.

[Image: lppi_000.jpg]

[Image: lppi_001.jpg]

[Image: lppi_002.jpg]

[Image: lppi_003.jpg]

[Image: lppi_004.jpg]

[Image: lppi_005.jpg]

[Image: lppi_006.jpg]

[Image: lppi_007.jpg]

[Image: lppi_0016.jpg]

[Image: lppi_008.jpg]

[Image: lppi_009.jpg]

[Image: lppi_0010.jpg]

[Image: lppi_0011.jpg]

[Image: lppi_0012.jpg]

[Image: lppi_0013.jpg]

[Image: lppi_0014.jpg]

[Image: lppi_0015.jpg]

Hope you like.

My best regards,
Carlos Pereira.

I had make a mistake while posting and half of the pics were not showing.
It`s fixed now.

There are at least 6 Images that are not showing,other than that i must say that i am very pleased at the Quality and Realism of the Airport compared to the Real thing...Great Job....Will you be posting shots for Corvo and Santa Maria Today?

Thank You Very Much

Rob Dougherty/ AKA " PORTUGAL " Ex- USAF staff at Lajes.....
Hi Rob. <img src=\'<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif\' class=\'bbc_emoticon\' alt=\'Smile\' />
Nice to talk to you.

I`ve just fixed the problem of the images and now all 17 are showing here.

I don`t think Corvo and Sta.Maria will have images here today <img src=\'<#EMO_DIR#>/mellow.gif\' class=\'bbc_emoticon\' alt=\':mellow:\' />
I promess to make all my best to force Leandro show some pics. It`s easier to make an intire airport in just 2 days than make him stop working and take some preview pics to show <img src=\'<#EMO_DIR#>/biggrin.gif\' class=\'bbc_emoticon\' alt=\'Big Grin\' />
But I will try!

Thanks for the comments about the scenery.

My best,
Carlos Pereira.
WON DER FUL ! <img src=\'<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif\' class=\'bbc_emoticon\' alt=\'Smile\' />

Dom Mason
Thanks Mason!
Hope you have nice flights soon.

Has just visited your blog: very nice indeed. Congratulations.

My best,
Carlos Pereira.

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