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A few snaps of TAPA
I decided to post some images of Tr. Sim's TAPA, although I have a few problems which in time I will speak to the developers about, however they are not show stoppers.
This is not the commercial Antigua_X scenery. The Dash 8 displayed is the Majestic Software Q400 "Work In Progress".
[Image: over-deep-water.jpg]
[Image: hidden-TAPA.jpg]
[Image: Heading-for-SKB.jpg]
[Image: TAPA-climbout.jpg]
[Image: TAPA1.jpg]
[Image: TAPA3.jpg]
[Image: over-TAPA.jpg]
[Image: TAPA4.jpg]
[Image: single-eng-into-anu.jpg]
[Image: 707-TAPA.jpg]
[Image: coastline-TAPA.jpg]
[Image: 07-apprch.jpg]

WOW. Those are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, it's like you are taking screenshots from DVD. Feel free to post more when you have a chance.

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