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Corvo LPCR FS9-ready, Azores 1 and other important Azores info
Wow, what a crazy week guys. I'm going to be brief here so straight to the point:

1: Corvo is fully ready and will be released soon for FS9.
2: Azores pack 1 is ready and will be released soon for FS9.

The FSX version is further delayed, we have had FS-98 day's like headaches with bleedthroughs (remember these?). If we fix the bleedthrough the ground flickers, if we fix the ground, we have bleedthrough for items bellow the terrain level. People insist making airports at these crazy locations just to drive us FS developers nuts.

Aside from the FSX version, also not ready yet is the promissed landclass work for Pico and Santa Maria. Since we need to get this out asap, we have gone ahead to release the FS9 version of Corvo and FS9 version of Azores pack 1.

Once the FSX version is ready, the FS9 version will be updated with the additional landclass work.

IMPORTANT: Users who have purchased the Pico and Santa Maria for 11 euros each offer at the same purchase can retrieve their free Corvo airport by contact us via with their order number.

The cool dudes who sent us pictures of the airports will receive Corvo as soon as the FSX version is ready, should you want FS9 right effing now, drop us a line and we'll fix you up with Corvo.

Here are the pics:

[Image: lpcr_fs9_17.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_1.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_2.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_3.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_4.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_5.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_6.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_7.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_8.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_9.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_10.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_11.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_12.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_13.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_14.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_15.jpg]

[Image: lpcr_fs9_16.jpg]

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Nice, nice and nice!!!

I'm Waiting for FSX  Wink

Best Regards
Excelent,Excelent and Excelent........ ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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