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Corvo FSX Sneak peak
Hello everyone,

Let's get you all up to date on what has been going on since the FS9 release of Corvo: We have remade the coastlines and LWM for all three islands in the first pack, we have made new landclass all for both FS9 and FSX. For FSX we have added freeway traffic through the main roads in the islands.

We have also finished the FSX version of Corvo that will go into final bug hunting and expecting release sometime on thursday. Corvo was a very challenging project, but the end result very satisfying, with FSX shader materials such as bump maps and specular maps being used in the runway, taxiways and apron.

Here are some sample FSX screens of Corvo:

Looking down at the airport from high in the hill.
[Image: lpcr_fsx_1.jpg]

A view of the windmills from the sea with the airport behind and the hill in the background.
[Image: lpcr_fsx_2.jpg]

It's early morning in Corvo, and here we see the FSX material shaders kick-in with the sun reflecting in the asphalt.
[Image: lpcr_fsx_3.jpg]

What a rain. Let's get inside before we catch a cold.
[Image: lpcr_fsx_4.jpg]

Here's a little comparison with the improved landscape against the default terrain.
[Image: azores1_pico.jpg]

More screens tomorrow.

Best Regards,

Leandro Machado
Nice  Wink

I'm Waiting  Tongue

Best Regards.

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